This is sooo not happening! Oh, but it is! Life in northern Maine is cancelled… AGAIN! The white stuff just keeps coming and coming and coming. It’s unbelievable!

As of yesterday we’ve had 9 feet of snow this winter. That’s 8 feet MORE than this time last year. Look up at your ceiling. Chances are it’s only 8 or 9 feet high. THAT’S how much snow we’ve had and another foot is expected today!!!

Granted, not all of it is on the ground. We did have a January thaw that melted a couple feet. But really… my driveway literally has a four foot wall of snow around it. The snowmobiles are covered under the foot we had the other day and I have to throw the snow UP to get it off my back steps.

Come on! I want to see this…

NOT this…

Is that really too much to ask? I just don’t think so.

Please don’t tell me to suck it up because it’s only February and there’s still lots of winter left… because another 2 months of this and we may just be buried until NEXT winter.

Oh, well, at least Peter and Meghan continue to scorch the pages of my manuscript. At least I have them to keep me warm! 

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