To the Emergency Room we go! Sing with me! Oh yeah!

So, the story starts (as it has for the last three weeks)… The weather was beautiful; a balmy 20 degrees F with the sun hanging in a cloudless cerulean sky, fresh snow powdering the evergreens and DH says “how about a snowmobile ride?” How could I refuse with those baby blues batting at me?

Several minutes of negotiations later we’re heading out on the marked trail to a destination even I know and oh what fun!

30 minutes in we slam through a foot and a half deep ditch someone has snowblown in a field on private property. (It’s private… they can do whatever they want.) Somehow (and neither of this can figure out how or why) my body compresses really weird and my knee turns into a flaming ball of pain. 2 seconds. The whole thing was over in two seconds! Of course DH is unscathed and for one stupid moment, as I’m standing on the side of the trail… I think, I’m  fine, let’s keep going. But as the knee gave way when I put more pressure on it we both think… nah. Home it is.

And you guessed it. Home means back on the sled and through the woods (now a 45 minute drive because he can’t go fast).

Can’t go to the ER and have someone looking at the backwoods winter wool of hair on my legs so I hobble into the shower and do a quick shave. Shampoo my hair (and yes, at this stage in the game forego the usual styling and makeup routine) and head off to the hospital.

3 1/2 hours at the ER, x-rays and lots of waiting, we find out there are no broken bones, but a severe sprain that requires a knee immobilizer for at least the next week. Which also means hobbling around the house with a walker. (Now standard equipment in my injury arsenal.)

I know. I’m sitting here thinking the same thing.

Next time… just say NO!

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  • Girl, don’t you ever learn your lesson. It must be really good out there with all the risks that you take to go see it all! Hope that your knee starts to feel better soon, and glad to hear that its not broken.

  • Mima.. you’d think eventually I’d stop trying to see nature from the back of a sled and pick something safer like oh, a tank? LOL!

    Knee’s already better this morning. I took off the immobilizer and I seem to be able to hobble without the walker. All good signs!

  • Okay, Just sayin’
    Nina+snow sled+husband=pain and cold.
    *shakes head* I worry about you hon. LOL.

  • Jen… I thought you weren’t any good at math, but I gotta give you an “A” on the equation! 😉

  • Dear dear person who resembles so much my sister of unflinching never-quit-ness… jeesuz, thank goody-two-shoes you’re ok, but you may want to restate the actual story with Big Daddy, he had you half drowned in a stream…
    ok, maybe I don’t want to hear the real story, just glad you is okeydokey

    congrats on the deal… you ever sell hardcopies of your first publish? I honestly find it nigh on impossible to read a book on a computer screen,
    but for you, I could try if there is no alternative

    love, elder Bro

  • No, you got the real story here. (Except for the knee part — jury’s still out on the health of that joint.) Where do you think I got the ability to tell stories dearest bro, if you can’t exagerate, why bother? At least that’s the motto of dear Papa. If you scroll down further you’ll find the story about being dumped in the stream… different day… different adventure! 😀

    I’d love to tell you I’ve got a stack of hardcopies ready to roll out the door… but it ain’t the case. Some day. Not now.

    So suck it up and read it at your computer — wimp!

    Love you too!

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