Umm… no.

Because no matter how much I wanted to hear what other people thought *gulp* I didn’t want them to think my little baby was ugly or stupid or dorky. I want everyone to love my brainchild as much as I do, snuggle up with it, and get warm and fuzzy all over.

Is this what I expect? Unh-unh. But a gal can dream.

My first review is interesting. Sort of all over the place. Mrs. Giggles had the honor of being the first. Let’s see if I can give you the gyst:

“fortunately Ms Pierce’s treatment of a potentially controversial storyline is, in my opinion, a very reasonable one as she stresses that it’s not straight or gay that is right, it’s how we all need to live peacefully with each other.”

So far, so good. But then she goes on to say that Brenimyn is a Fabio-like character without sustenance and isn’t quite convinced how Jahara could fall in love with him. Poor Bren, if I were single, I’d fall in love with him. 🙁

She did continue with:

“The story is actually interesting to me”


“still, at the end of the day I find this an interesting and entertaining well-written story”

But then I have to give myself a shake. Does this all really matter to anyone but my ego? Do I need to keep scouring the net to find reviews for my book? Because really, in the end how much do readers depend on reviews to find their next book? Quite frankly, up until four months ago, I’d never read a review. So, thank you Mrs. Giggles (click for full review), you will always be my first… and with an 85/100 for a score, it was actually quite painless!

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