I’m over at Silver EXpressions blogging about love and relationships. Come on over and comment on what you’d do for love and be entered for a chance for a free download of The Healer’s Garden.

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  • Thanks for being so nice about my photos – I love taking them when I am well enough, but have the same problem with the heavy camera, can’t last long before I get the shakes!! I have started on the book, which I am loving, but haven’t been up to much reading over the last couple of days. Looking forward to finishing it though when I pick up a bit.

  • Nice… you’re pictures are beautiful! Very impressive! You’re very talented. Do you use digital or film? I really think I’m going to go find myself a small digital, much easier to lug around. I do hope your’e feeling better Mima. Enjoy Healer’s. Thanks for buying a copy!

  • Hello K/N! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting…when I went to answer you I got a bit muddled with Kara/Nina! But now I understand the difference, you have two writing names, one for each genre that you write in. I’m very happy that you’ve been published…what every writer dreams of!! AND a recent publication with The Healer/ Congratulations! I enjoyed your biography about your first reading the love story “The Thornbirds” because that was one of my faves, too. And the mini-series just took my breath away…especially when they finally meet on the cottage by the ocean. You may snicker at this (it’s OK!), but I read through ALOT of Harlequins!!

    It’s good to know that even though you couldn’t continue in a demanding teaching job because of the MS, you were able to follow a different dream.

    Glad we met at Mima’s 🙂

  • Elizabeth welcome to my blog. Glad you found your way here. My identity is a little confusing for my writing partners as well. They never know which hat I’m wearing. (Depends on my mood… hot and sassy or quiet and naughty *g*)

    I would never snicker at anyone reading Harlequins. They’re some of the fastest selling books. I hope to add them to my publication list some day. I haven’t met many people who enjoyed The Thornbirds as much as me. But when Richard Chamberlain played the priest it cinched it for me! I loved the island scenes. VERY romantic!

    Please come back and visit again soon.

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