No, not to the New Year, but to the release of The Healer’s Garden. Tomorrow, December 30, sometime before evening on the east coast, Healer’s will make it’s debut appearance on the internet!

And to be honest… I’m a little nervous.

My debut novel. I’ve dreamed about it, hoped for this time to come, celebrated each step along the way, from receiving the contract from Liquid Silver, through the edits, straight to approving the cover art, and it’s been one heck of a ride.

And now it’s finally here.

I can’t help worrying how people will react to my baby. I love this story. I love Jahara and Brenimyn (so much so that I’m plotting a second book). Their story is a sensual journey of love which carries with it questions of equality among the sexes. Questions that I hope make you wonder about your own place in the world and how you react to those around you.

It’s also humorous and sad and suspenseful and uplifting — I hope.

But I guess all that remains to be seen as the reviews come rolling in over the next few weeks. Ah, reviews… okay, I’m really nervous now! 

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  • It’s tough to put your work out there for all to like or dislike. Hang in there.


  • Kara, Well I guess that it is Nina today, I have just been to have a look at the website, but I can’t find the book, I am probably being really stupid – could you post a link to the book itself? It must be really exciting for you, what a thrill to be published.

    Hope that the New Year brings lots of good things for you

  • Mima, it’s not you… they didn’t release the book until late today. It’s there now!

    Thanks, Jen. And I am Snoopy dancing all over the house and tripping over furniture!

    What a way to kick off my New Year’s celebration (and my birthday!) Tee Hee!

  • Happy Birthday too then – going over to have a look now!

  • I love birthdays! My kids spoil me rotten… oh, that’s every day! But they’re extra helpful today! *g*

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