Now, isn’t that just about the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?

I am just so excited. It’s the cover for MY BOOK… just not the official cover. The Liquid Silver logo still needs to be added to the top. Oh, but I’m so excited I couldn’t wait to show the whole world!

All the credit for this design goes to Anne Cain who very patiently kept tweaking the design until I was happy. Oh, and I am happy!!… Happy dancing all over the house!

6 Responses to Gotcha Covered

  • It’s really nice!! Love it 🙂

  • Not only sexy… but sensual. You know I think there is a difference!

    KUDOS on an awesome cover.


  • Thanks Celeste and Jen. We were aiming for sensual. That couple just oozes love IMHO. Thanks for the compliments. I’m still jumping around with joy!

  • Golly Nina, those two are stripped down, out and out totally naked. LOL Sure does look sexy though. In fact, down right beautiful. I knew you could do it and I am so very proud of you. You wrote it, you sent it out and you got it published. Doesn’t it sound great to your ears to be able to say the words, ‘MY EDITOR’?

  • Thank you, Caron! Yeah, “my editor” are fun words to roll off the tongue. My thanks to her and to you as well. After all, you were the first to read and believe in my writing! {{{hugs}}} to you, Caron!

  • Fabulous cover—it’s both sexy and beautiful! Lovely.

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