I know it’s November. I get that. But come on! Winter arrived with a vengence before it’s official start date. Isn’t there some natural law against that? Al Gore’s been sharing the woes of global warming all over the world, but I’m thinking Mother Nature sort of missed the boat with Maine.

For two days a storm has been hovering over the state leaving snow, ice, and cold in its wake. A friend wrote a wonderful letter recently about how snow put her in a good mood. She loved the flakes drifting down like powdered sugar, coating the trees until their bows bent low with the weight of it. How in the morning, the sun glistened off the pristine flakes to glitter like so many diamonds.

Oh, it makes for wonderful prose, but the reality ain’t so pretty!

Reality: Shovels breaking from overuse (today). Scrapers that can’t cut through layers of ice on your windshield (yesterday). Stubborn snowblowers that balk because there’s one hundred feet of snow two feet deep between your car and the plowed street and the engine hasn’t even cooled from the last two feet it cleared. (And let’s not even get into the four foot snowbank created by said plow.) Bulky coats, boots, gloves, scarves, and hats that make you feel like sausage filling as you squeeze behind your steering wheel. Never mind the cars that groan out complaints when you turn the key or skate through intersections.

My friend is completely mistaken. Snow is bad. Very bad. It comes too soon, lasts too long, and is just plain messy when tracked through your kitchen.

Global warming? Not here in northern Maine! So what’s it like where you live?

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