Okay, the secret is out… I have a split personality. I’ve tried to hide it, but then thought, oh what the heck? come out of the closet and let people know.

I write romantic suspense under the name Kara Dunn and erotic suspense under the pseudonym Nina Pierce. I wanted to keep them totally separate, not let them play with each other as the case may be, but eh hem… nope, they wouldn’t have any of it. They each have their very own distinct website, but blogging? Well, they just wanted to do it together.

Which means, when you stop by this blog there could be posts on writing or something new on erotica or just ramblings about my family or where I live.

Actually, it’s nice to stop pretending that Nina is some wanton 20-something sex kitten. (Oh, shoot, just blew her cover!)  Or that Kara doesn’t have a very healthy sex life. (Married to my high school sweetheart for 23 years… umm, yeah, we still tango… but don’t tell the kids!)

Anyway, it’s nice to have it out there. It gets a bit confusing now and again trying to remember who’s name should be signed at the bottom of the email. But it’s nice to know, here, at my own blog, I don’t have to think about it, I just can be “us”!

5 Responses to Splitting Hairs and Personalities

  • I knew you would come out of the closet at some point. And thanks for the visual of you and the hubby tangoing… snowbound with THAT on the brain now.


  • You’re welcome, Jennifer. I’m always happy to leave a visual for my readers! I am a writer after all!

  • My eyes! My eyes!! Mentioning “tango” with hubby.

    It really is a hard thing to be multiple people. Maybe we should start a support group.


  • Jillian, welcome to my blog! Hmmm… a support group for split personalities? We could have fun with all those people, even if only two of us show up!

  • Your cousins are very smart. They are blissfully happy in their ignorance so they don’t float over here to see what Kara and Nina are doing. But Whit Whit, I do hope you come back and visit soon!

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