Okay, so there seems to be a whole bunch of writers in my world going through the editing process. All with varying degrees of satisfaction.

 I just finished my first set of edits on The Healer’s Garden. (Not that there will be more, just that it’s my first time, anyhoo…) It was a relatively painless process of skimming through the novel, fixing poor word choices, and tightening purple prose. (I gave up on commas and let my editor deal with my pepper shaker method of distributing the little buggers in my writing.) Two days later I had the final manuscript sent back to my editor. If I understand correctly, it went to the proofers and then it’s off to the printers.

Now, my CP on the other hand, is in the beginning stages of edits and she’s tearing her hair out. She has a major cut in her word count (which didn’t come as a shock to her as the original manuscript tipped the scale at nearly 150K), but her editor has asked her to revamp several characters including the hero.

Then there’s a blogger friend who just finished the edits of her crime novel and though I don’t have the specifics, it sounded like she had some word count issues and tightening and had to revamp some scenes.

Why, do I mention all this? Because I envy them. (Ah, did you see that one coming?)

I just can’t believe that my first novel wouldn’t require some major revisions like scene deletions or character development or… I don’t know, something. Sure, I had two other authors and a friend read through it and offer suggestions and I did a major rewrite myself, but I’m still a little noodgie. Is my book truly the best it can be at this point?

Do I trust my editor. Absolutely.

Do I trust my own talent as a writer. Not even sort of!

I think I would be sitting more comfortably if I had gone through the hair-pulling, keyboard-banging, late night frustration of being forced to look at my novel through fresh eyes.

And maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Either way, my edits are finished and my novel is out of my hands. I get one more look through when I get the galleys, but if I understand correctly, no major changes can be made at that stage of the game. It’s basically a check for spelling. (I think.)

Anyway, I’m just curious how your edits went or what you expect when you get them. Do tell.

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