However you found your way here…welcome!

I am new to the publishing world. I sat down to write my first novel about two and half years ago. That draft still sits under the couch in a lovely binder and may never see the light of day! It was such a learning experience going from “Once upon a time…” to “The End”. I tripped and stumbled, but each time I hit a road block, I picked myself up, dusted off the confusion, and kept going.

It is said that 150 MILLION AMERICANS

15 million start. 1.5 million finish. 150,000 submit. 15,000 sell.

Not only did I start, I finished, submitted and sold! I’m pretty proud of that fact. My debut novel, The Healer’s Garden will be a molten release from Liquid Silver Books in early 2008!

I’m going to use my blog to share with you my frustrations and celebrations… all my experiences as I continue to build my writing career.

Please come back and join me.

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