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  1. Pam, the Vietnam era was indeed a troubled time. I too lost classmates and a friend or two. Missing in Action seems like a powerful story I have to read.

    • Thanks for dropping by Nina’s blog, Susan. And that it was…a troubled time. It’s so sad all those soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen never got the hero’s welcome home that the ones get now.

    • Susan – I remember my sister wearing MIA bracelets. I was actually too young to remember much of what went on during this turbulent time. I’ve downloaded Pam’s book and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it!

  2. I want you to know… I liked and downloaded your novel simply because of the cover and the blurb at the top. Too often, authors believe they have to put a half-naked man on the cover to get a readers’ attention, when actually it turns me off. Maybe they are looking for a different type of reader, even when they claim their book is a romantic-suspense.

    I want the cover to speak to me of intrigue and suspense, and yes, romance too. But I want it to sweep me away to another world, or at least a land far away.

    I believe yours did just that. Hopefully that is what you were going for, and I’m not way off the mark. :)



    • I wanted a cover with the POW-MIA flag and I love the POW-MIA bracelet on Zoe’s wrist. Waterfalls in Vietnam are beautiful. Thanks for leaving a message! Let me know if you like it.

      Pam Champagne

    • Carmen – Isn’t that a wonderful cover? Thanks so much for mentioning it. Sometimes it’s hard for authors to know what first pulls a reader to our books.

  3. Roxy Boroughs

    Looks like a great read. I’m off to get a copy.