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  1. It was very confusing at first. It was nice to find out it wasn’t a pirate.

    Will you get that vampire book done, I’d like to read it. 😉

    • Amber – Very confusing. And regardless of how many blogged about its legitimacy, many authors panicked.

      (And I’m trying … really!)

  2. Fedora

    Thanks for getting to the bottom of it, Nina!

    • Unfortunately Fedora, I’m afraid the mudslinging is just beginning and we definitely haven’t seen the end of all the fallout.

  3. Everyone seems to grab the pitchforks first. But I do understand when we are all, well not me, but most people are on the alert for pirates. It’s what we’ve come to expect.
    I don’t know how the owners of the site could have handled it differently…

    • Julia – There was no way around what happened. I was mistaken in saying the site owner didn’t have FAQ’s … they did. And authors tried to educate authors. I’m not sure how this whole thing is going to shake out.

      And yeah, sometimes I think chasing pirates is a lost cause. I can’t lie, I do appreciate those that do and they manage to get a whole pirate site taken down.

  4. Interesting post, Nina. The pitchforks have definitely got to go. It seems everyone is on a hair trigger these days. If only that fine print hadn’t been so fine, this might not have gotten so heated.

    This story reminds me of back when Napster was shut down. We were so angry that our free music was taken away! That was before there were laws regarding downloading copyrighted content. I remember feeling very bitter toward Metallica for spearheading the effort to shut it down, but now I would never steal music (or books, or any other artistic content). Now, it’s wrong. But then, it was a new frontier and boundaries were being drawn. The boundaries are not finished being drawn, and until they are there will be eruptions like this!

    • Meg – Publishing is definitely following in the footsteps of music. It will be interesting to see what happens as the digital book industry shakes out. I suspect we’re going to see some regulation as we move forward then legitimate sites like LendInk won’t be shut down.