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  1. I love the box sets that are coming out! Thanks for sharing. Congrats Renee.

    • Thank YOU Amber for dropping by and checking out this awesome boxed set! I can say that the authors featured here are a wonderful group of talented authors and I’m super honored to be included in this UNFORGETTABLE bundle!

      I hope you enjoy!

    • As a reader I love getting these boxed sets with different themes. And who doesn’t love a theme of HEROES! w00t! w00t!

  2. First off I’d like to thank Nina for doing such a lovely post on her blog! The boxed set looks splendid here, if I do say so myself. Thank you a million times over for the feature, Nina!

  3. Thank you, Nina, for featuring Renee and welcoming our boxed set, UNFORGETTABLE HEROES, to your blog!

  4. Janet Eaves

    Thank you, Nina, for featuring our boxed set! Enjoy Renee! This is a wonderful blog!

  5. Bobbye Terry

    The blog today looks great, Nina! Just wanted to say how proud I am to be part of this and thrilled it’s doing well. These fellow authors are amazing writers. This deal is simply incredible, and I hope readers take full advantage of it.

  6. Renee, what a beautiful boxed set. All of you authors are amazing.

  7. I love boxed sets and anthologies because I can always find new authors to love!

  8. Margaret Ethridge

    Oh wow! Thanks so much for hostessing our boxed set, Nina! I’m thrilled to get to hang out with these talented ladies!

  9. Jennifer Johnson

    Great post today, Renee and Nina.

  10. I think the box set looks great and I can’t wait to get my copy! I love Silent Partner!

    Good luck in sales!

  11. Thanks for hosting us! We are excited to share our great set of eight books with our readers. I wish I could transport all of us to a sunny beach somewhere right now and we’d lounge and read together!

  12. I can’t wait to crack this dude…I mean book collection open!

  13. Julie Robinson

    What a fantastic deal! I’ve been enjoying these anthology specials on Amazon Kindle. How can I resist?!
    Congrats on being in their top 100.