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  1. Carly Carson

    Interesting. I love seeing the transformation from an idea to the final product. Great job!

    • I am very fortunate that my cover artist tries things and doesn’t go insane when I say, “nope, that didn’t work”. But that’s why I work with her! I’m very picky about my cover elements.

  2. Lynn Cahoon

    Very interesting Nina… I’ve been working on a cover myself and was kicking myself for so many versions. It’s nice to see it’s part of another’s process too.

    • LOL! There are times I wish I had a graphic program so my picky-self didn’t have to keep bothering Dar. But the fact that she lets me change my mind is why I appreciate her so much.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your process. I found this very enlightening. Loved following along with your thoughts and the various stages of the cover. BTW, great cover! :-)

    • Choosing/designing covers is such a big deal. It’s usually what first captures the reader’s attention. I’m very pleased with the final results. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Nina, I loved hearing about your thought process. It’s obvious that you and your designer work so well together!

  5. Love the finished product. Thanks for sharing. This is very interesting. You’r lucky your cover artist is so willing to work with you. Not all are. Best of luck with the new book.

    • Cara – There are so many cover artists who offer a couple of choices and you have to pick … I JUST couldn’t do that. Needless to say Dar got a Christmas bonus for all I put her through!

  6. This was truly interesting, Nina. You ended up with a fantastic cover. It is great that you were able to work through the details. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What amazing patience you and your cover artist, Dar, have, Nina.

    I loved seeing the process.

    • Sandy – What I love about Dar is when I say “Can we try this…” she tries it, if it doesn’t work (like the binoculars) we go back to the previous and try again.

  8. Wow look at the end result! I loved watching this progress…I liked the rose but then when you took it off, okay I liked it off, but the cottage, I really liked the cottage on the front, but the end result is super awesome and interesting how a book cover evolves. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dorothy – Glad you enjoyed the progression. I don’t think many people realize the work that goes into the final product.

  9. Marianne Stephens

    Thanks for taking us through your cover process. I’ve never worked with someone outside of an editor’s cover dept. For the two self-pubbed books I’ve done I used real photos on the covers.

    • Marianne – It’s very different having this much control over a cover. I’m so picky … I just love it. And I’ve seen your self-pubbed books, the covers are lovely and really fit.

  10. Dar is awesome. Being able to create your own cover is a wonderful thing. As you’ve shown it can become exactly what you want. :)

  11. I had to chime in today when I got around to reading your post. It was great to see the evolution of your cover. I use Dar from Wicked Smart Designs as well, and she is the epitome of patience. I have to say that after reading your post, I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only author who nitpicks and changes and tweaks. If I were Dar, I’d have pulled all my hair out or have gone grey by now. But when it all comes together, it’s so worth it. Congratulations on following your vision and producing such a visually interesting cover.

    • Sydney – Dar is well … just so wonderful. I can’t sing her praises enough. I always feel so bad when requesting a change, but she always says “it’s your name on the book” … true, but it’s her time and talent I’m using.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment.