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  1. Nice surfer girl! Thanks for the viral wishes – yeah, one can only hope. I do feel like I’m preaching to the choir most of the time. We are not a bunch of dummies!
    I’ll stop over and say hey to your friend and I look forward to your new release!

    • Julia – I really do hope your blog posts get out into the world. They are very good. I can’t wait until Wednesday. Don’t you love release day?

  2. Nina, I have a few places that I stop by on a regular basis, and your blog is one of them. There is always something interesting to read.

  3. I have places I go to when I am on the net like blogs. I use to spend time on sites that were just a time killer but not anymore…With the little time I have I pretty much work and catch up on blogs.

    • Savannah – There really are some great places to stop and interesting information to glean from the internet. Unless someone points me in that direction, I don’t really have the time or energy to make regular visits to blogs, no matter how good they are.

  4. Constance Clark

    Thanks for the shout out Nina! I appreciate the love! Still on bed rest and looks like I might have baby as early as this weekend if things start moving faster. How funny is is that both baby and book were “conceived” in the same month but baby “cooks” faster!

    • Constance – Oh, good luck to you and the little one. Yeah, books never seem to cook quite as fast as anything else. {{hugs}}