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  1. Luanna

    Hi Nina,

    I’m sure there are additional interesting tidbits about snow, aren’t there? LIke, maybe you should rename this post “thursday THIRTY”.

    Thanks for all the eye candy. Almost makes this fluffy white stuff worth the trouble!!!



  2. LOL! Cute blog! Love the last pic. Very inspiring.

  3. Ah, the lovely fellows… keep ’em coming!

  4. Nina

    Luanna – 30? *smacks head* silly me, why did I stop at 13? LOL!

    Viola – Thanks for visiting. Happy T13!

    Anny – I can guarantee there will be more yummy candy in the coming weeks. Beautiful men are truly a writer’s inspiration.

  5. LOL So who wants to read about snow when there’s all the beautiful scenery? I’m so glad we don’t get snow in Auckland. Rain, I can deal with no problem. Snow is plain depressing after a while.

  6. Oh yes … let me die happy right now. *drooooool* Have a great weekend, Nina! *HUGS*

  7. Nina

    Shelley – Oh, no snow? Be still my heart!

    Stephanie – Here’s a tissue you’ve got a little something still on your chin. Enjoy your weekend as well! And here’s wishing you sweet dreams with wonderful visions!