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  1. Pictures do make for a more exciting read. I’m not sure how to handle this because as you said, everyone is still using these pics – except authors who read the blog.

  2. 1. Deep breath! The chance of you being sued for using copyrighted images is slightly less than you being attacked by a great white shark named Bruce.

    2. There are plenty of folks who WANT you to share. It’s promo for them. It’s good for them. Don’t take a private photographer’s image that is for sale. If you see a watermark on something, don’t use it. Use common sense.

    3. There are lots of great stock image photography sites that have cheap images and freebies. 123rf is my fav….they have tons of free images and also lots for 99 cents. And if you are self-pubbing, you can get an extended license for some to use on a book cover. It’s a great site!

    4. There’s a pretty good chance that a lot of the stuff of Pinterest and Tumblr is illegal. I personally never got a Pinterest account because of this.

    5. If you’re looking for hot guys, there are plenty on the stock image photography sites.

    Don’t despair! You shouldn’t omit visual inspiration from your blog. Just be smart about it!


    Good luck,