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  1. Fun interview. This is a wonderful series! :) Thanks for sharing Kenzie.

  2. Thank you Amber:) And thank you so much for letting me take over your blog today Nina:)

  3. I always admire teachers who are innovative, but they don’t get much backing from their schools. It’s really sad. Glad to see someone is addressing this issue, Molly.

    • It’s sad how much we need teachers and how little we seem to value them here in the US (salaries are embarrassingly low). Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and show some comment love, Sandy!

    • In this book, the Red Ribbon Coalition had just begun in Indiana, so I had Caty go to a conference on how to implement it. My mother was one of the first school nurses in our area to kick start Red Ribbon Week in the schools. I thought, if the school nurse could do it, why not a young, eager, 1st year teacher?

      We’re all on fire to change the world when we graduate college, lol!

  4. Fun interview. Love the characters and the excerpts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Molly and Nina. I do think that we come out of college on fire to make a difference and can have our dreams crushed by parents, other teachers or admin. But a teacher who loves their children will do what it takes to make them successful. That’s the definition of a good teacher.

    I once overheard a conversation like that and it does really wound. I hope that people understand how hurtful words can be… yes sticks and stones but words hurt just as much and far longer!

    • Hi Melissa:) Fortunately, that conversation was NOT about Susan, but since her self-esteem isn’t the best, she assumed they were talking about her. That’s what happens when assumptions are made!

    • I think sometimes teachers forget the impact they have on their students both positively and negatively. Words can truly leave deep marks …