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  1. kym

    Hi Nina, I dont have any great advice, but just wanted to send some support ! I know you have it in you to rework them :)

    Have a great week, and get writing ! :)

  2. Nina – you’ve been given a do-over. It’s great. Now you get to fix all those newbie mistakes. Don’t sweat it and take your time. You don’t have a deadline now. It’s good!

    • Julia – That’s true, there is no rush (except my own impatience). I guess I really should look at it as the do-over we don’t always get, but wish we had. :)

  3. I’m showing my support as well. I have these days where I’m just blank and find it hard to even get the words out. I think after a long day of so much going on my brain just shuts off… Try to take it easy and maybe focus on something else and then try to write again after a little break…

    • Savannah – Sounds like excellent advice. I’ll definitely give it a try. I think maybe the story just needs to sit and percolate for awhile.

  4. Nina I think you’ve covered that topic quite well. These days in the library and/or the bookstore it is at times very difficult to find the books that you want because romance isn’t just in the romance section anymore and often times frustrates the heck out of me when I can’t find the author I want.

    • Janette – That is so true about finding books even in the library. It seems no one knows where to shelf books these days.