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  1. It will be interesting to see how it affects us, won’t it!?! Good breakdown, Nina.

  2. Thanks for the run-down. I didn’t even know this was going on. Although I did realized that the big six were not happy with Amazon.

    • Janice – I just kept bumping into it and needed to do some research. I’m sure most readers aren’t aware this is going on and when it’s all said and done hopefully they won’t even feel a hiccup in their book-buying. It seems to be authors who are vaguely aware it’s going on and it could change how their books are contracted and published.

  3. Nina, thanks for this clear explanation and for the links. You’re so right that we need to keep abreast of these suits and all the changes going down.

    • Susan – Whether traditionally pubbed or self-pubbed this could affect the publishing landscape. *Now where’s that crystal ball…*

  4. Great post, Nina! Thanks for doing all that research to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Like many, I had this issue at the edges of my radar screen, but wasn’t really paying attention. It still amazes me that the Big Six apparently thought they could get away with the collaboration. But I can’t really say I blame them for trying –the Amazon gorilla is making everyone nervous!

    • Gail – Amazon is making everyone nervous. It appears B&N has now asked DOJ to rule in favor of the publishers. Though they weren’t part of the original collusion, it seems they too think what the publishers were trying to accomplish would benefit them as well. Very interesting …