This is our new bundle of joy … Indiana Jones, Indie for short. It took us a couple of days to name this little guy, but after watching him bounce around the house and fly (yes, that’s the right word) off the furniture we figured his name fit his adventuresome nature.

This little guy was the runt of the litter, but what he didn’t get in size he more than makes up for in spirit. He has learned to scale a human (back or front) in 2 seconds flat (a bad habit that we can’t stop at the moment because it’s too darn cute). He can jump at least three feet both vertically and horizontally to reach sleeping spots. And has no problem taking on our older cat (who is easily five times his size) in knock-down-drag-out wrestling matches that make me wonder if he has all his marbles. And he has most definitely wiggled his way into our hearts.

And just watching him has made me think about how I approach life and more specifically, my writing. There are so many new things Indie encounters every day, yet I haven’t seen him shy away from any of them. He fearlessly goes through his day with a cocky arrogance that makes me laugh … and I totally admire. Which made me think that I should approach my writing that way.

When I first began this adventure I didn’t know enough to stop my muse from playing gleefully. We romped around wherever the spirit led us. But then I learned some “rules” and well … started to worry more about whether the story I was writing would be good enough. And the more I write and learn, the more cautious I become. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve floundered because I was overthinking a particular scene, too worried about how the readers (and reviewers) might not like a particular approach.

I want to boldly write my book and shut off my internal editor. I’d love to jump into scenes with both feet, eyes closed and land where I may. I keep working on it. Perhaps some day I’ll be able to achieve that goal and get back to when writing was a joyfully journey into new settings and characters.

How about you? How do you approach life? Do you feel (like me) that more experiences seem to make you more cautious … in everything.

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  • Indie is such a cutie. And good inspiration for your writing. Write what you love and don’t worry what people will think.

  • Excellent thoughts. I’ve definitely been there a lot myself lately and have to talk myself back into writing for the joy of it.

    And Indie is adorable!

    • Cindy – Yeah, it’s finding the joy once again that I’m looking for. And Indie is just to darn cute. He’s jumping around the packing paper right now becuase it makes noise. I’m laughing so hard.

  • So adorable. I know you miss your dog, but there’s nothing like a new kitten. Or puppy.

  • Indie is adorable. As for life I try to take it one step at a time. You learn from mistakes so that you do not repeat them. The more I learn the more I find myself being cautious. People might say you are paranoid but I say nope I’m being cautious.

    • Savannah – I definitely feel the more experience you have with life the more you realize how fleeting it all is and how quickly it can be taken away. That has a tendency to make me more cautious as well.

  • Your kitty looks like one we had last year, named Baron. Unfortunately he got run over by a car. He use to keep me company while I wrote, but like to nap on my chest. I was trying to teach him to sit on my arm rest of my chair for him nap, that way I could at least move a bit, lol.

    Cat are amazing and nearly fearless. You can learn a lot from a cat.

    I try to be fearless with my writing, but found that I’m starting to worry what people will think. I shouldn’t do that and just keep writing.


    • Janice – My kitties definitely keep me coming. I’m so sorry to hear about yours. It’s always so sad when we lose them.

      And I hope you can find your fearlessness. I think people who can turn off their internal editor and get their first draft out there are very fortunate. I’ve decided I like the editing process much more than I used to.

  • Hi, Nina,

    You’re about to move and you just got a new kitten? Oh well, when love calls, who can say no?

    My first books were far more spontaneous than my work now. It IS difficult to balance the passion and the craft. Also, worrying about sales definitely stifles creativity. I have to explicitly remind myself to focus on the characters and what they want, and forget everything else.


    P.S. Have you tried Indie with aluminum foil balls? Bet he’d love one!

    • Lisabet – Yeeeeah, the timing wasn’t good, but we committed to Indie shortly after he was born. We contracted our house between then and when he came to us. But he’s the best.

      Yeah, it’s the worry about the sales that stifles me.

  • Kittens are such joyous creatures! I adore them! Enjoy Indie!

    Writing? I write what I want – which probably means I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to the publishing world.

    • Julia – I love animals, but with my MS, dogs are impossible, but my kitties keep me company.

      And your writing is amazing. I don’t think you’ve made any bad decisions with what you’ve chosen.

  • I know, I am only a reader, and what do I know about the writer rules. But If rules and regulations are guiding your writing how can you transfer the joy and happiness you have into your writing? Isn’t a writer putting words down on the paper (computer) because the characters are shouting: tell my story?

    • Christiane – There are many writers that have characters screaming in their heads and the stories basically write themselves because the characters demand it. I don’t happen to be one of those people. I love writing, don’t get me wrong. But writing is very hard work for me and I often feel like I’m bleeding words onto the page. The end result is the same hopefully … a story the readers love. But the process really is different for every writer. Did that make sense?

      • I do understand that every writer has a different way of writing. It just sounded like all the rules and regs were/are stifling the fun of writing.

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