So today is the beginning of a new series for my blog. The Thursday Thirteen — a list of anything that comes to mind. I have to give credit to the writers over at Romance Divas for this wonderful suggestion. So without further adieu…

Thirteen things this woman would like men to know:

1. Unless there are bones, blood or sex involved never interrupt a woman’s first cup of coffee (or tea)… her bath.. or the last chapter of her book.

2. A hamper is a thing… not an area of the bedroom.

3. Men think about sex… woman talk about sex. (With their girlfriends, sisters and the lady standing next to them shopping for feminine products at the grocery store… nothing is secret.)

4. The ladies’ room is a sacred place, not a frightening place. Women flock there to discuss their dates (see #3), get facials, mini massages, and to commiserate about their lives. What did you think we did in there… pee?

5. A little romance never killed a man.

6. Women check out men’s butts… we just don’t televise that fact.

7. Nothing will turn a woman on faster than a man elbow deep in dishwater or the words “I brought home take out”.

8. Contrary to popular belief, the word “foreplay” does not begin with the number of minutes it should last.

9. Picking up your tighty whities the morning after was cute for about four days… twenty years later it’s just another annoying habit.

10. In and near are two different prepositions. (See #2)

11. When we ask if we look fat… we really want to know if you still find us beautiful.

12. A pregnant woman is always right.

13. Woman actually do know how to drive and your instructions from the passenger seat really aren’t helping.

So there’s mine. Ladies, please feel free to add to the list, I know I only scratched the surface. Gents, please feel free to defend yourselves… I dare you. 😉

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  • It’s official. You’re brill!

    I agree heartily with all of the above, but my personal favorites are 6, 7 and 11.

    However, I should amend number seven. I melt instantaneously whenever he says those three little words:

    “I made reservations.”



  • Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. I LOVE number 11! Happy T13!

  • Welcome, Ms… um, yeah reservations will do it everytime! 😉

  • Adelle, thanks for the welcome. It was fun. Yeah about #11, how come men just don’t know that?

  • Umm…I think I love you. Will you marry me?

    How about, “My bending down to pick up your laundry is not an invitation for a quickie before the kids school bus pulls up.”


    “We like cats because they’re very much like us: independent without being clingy, and playful when we’re in the mood.”

  • AMEN SISTAH!!!! How about this one. “When we say there’s no money in the checking account, we’re NOT estimating.”
    Or “I can’t take this anymore” actually means a shotgun, a tower and some insanity may be in your future.

  • You won’t believe what I thought you meant about “In” and “Near” at first.

  • Welcome to the TT, Nina! Awesome first take.

    To go with #13, when we say turn left here, don’t get all macho and drive around for another hour and then wonder if you’re heading the right way. We CAN read maps and directions. Hell, we’re not afraid to ask someone else either.

    Happy TT!

  • Jen – I totally agree with you. DH thinks I’m kidding when I tell them there’s no money so his debit card keeps running through the check out scanners and overdrafts keep piling up in the checking account!

    Alice – OMG! I didn’t even go there. But that applies to bedroom activities as well. 😉

    Kaige – What is it about them thinking we can’t read the map? I totally forgot about that one!

  • Amen to all of these! *nods nods nods*

  • Welcome, Tempest… nothing to add? 😀

  • Gina – ROFLMAO… you’re so right on the invitation thing!

    Paige – welcome, scooting over to find out what your 13 are today.

  • Great list. Welcome to TT – Diva Style. I love your items.


  • I guess it’s up to me to defend the male species. Not only do men think about sex, we talk about it as well… trust me. The way you ladies feel about your first cup of coffee (or tea)… her bath.. or the last chapter of her book is the same way most of us feel about a sporting event.

    As for foreplay, I am a firm believer in it… I also know that it has to be much longer than 4 minutes! Regarding the do I look fat/am I beautiful thing, why do women ask questions that they probably don’t want answered honestly? That’s the same thing as a guy asking a woman if he is the best lover she has ever had.

    As for women drivers, why is it that some of you feel the need to play Cover Girl while you are driving? Is it too hard to put on makeup before you leave for work? If it is, how about putting it on once you get to your destination?

    There, I took the challenge. Bring it on ladies! lol

  • Yep, definitely nodding. My hubby loves to cook AND cleans up the kitchen afterward. I’m a happy woman…

  • Chloe, welcome… and thank you.

    Malcolm – Glad you swung by. My DH would totally agree with you on the sporting event and all I can say about my foreplay comment is that the lady in your life is a lucky woman! 😀 And I’m not sure anyone wants honest answers to most of the personal questions we ask… point noted. Thanks for being the lone male voice at this point!

  • Shelley – my DH is a much better cook than I am. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much time to cook. And when it comes to cleaning up, when he puts his mind to it, his kitchen is always more spotless than mine!

  • Awesome list! I especially love #8. LMAO! So true!

  • LOVE your list! And the ones in the comment are just as great!

    I’m drawing a *total* blank right now. Maybe I would suggest amending the Pregnant woman one: “A pregnant or PMS-ing woman is always right”.

  • I’m printing this. It should totally be framed!

  • You have not officially taken out the trash unless you also put a new liner in the trashcan.

  • Great list! Welcome to the TT group…and AMEN to #12!

  • Nina, I’m working from memory here, but I have to admit that with the proviso that I map read better than most men, and I wish they would just listen to me, your list seems to be pretty complete. What a fun post, looking forward to the next one!

  • Hey! #9 was never cute. And I want my own bathroom. And my own bedroom. Stay out unless you are actually romantic and sexy.

  • “Gents, please feel free to defend yourselves… I dare you” Silly girl. That “attack” was about as fiercesome as being ravaged by a dead sheep.

    “1. never interrupt” Guys, avoid also the ‘morning ritual’–I still haven’t recovered from the curling tongs poked thru my ear.
    Gals, we won’t interrupt if you get out of the bathroom sometime today.

    “2. hamper” is a noun dear, what women do in a garage and with remote controls.

    “3. Men think … woman talk” Yeah, we know. Someone has to do the thinking around here.

    “4. The ladies’ room” Yeah, knew it wasn’t peeing. Why men never go in pairs is because we do have something to hold.

    “5. A little romance never killed a man” You sure? Okay, will give it a shot if there isn’t football on.

    “6. Women check out men’s butts” Did you know we have eyes in the back of our heads?

    “7. turn a woman on … dishwater … take out” Thanks for your honesty. But aren’t they mutually exclusive? Just chuck the cartons towards the hamper.

    “8. fore … number” Spelling is one of those things we think about.

    “9. tighty whities” Doesn’t everyone go commando? Guys??

    “10. In and near” Far out.

    “11. When we ask” That’s okay if English is not your first language, we can teach you the words “Do you find me beautiful”–see, not so tough.

    “12. A pregnant woman is always right.” So you’re admitting all other women are wrong. Okay, that’s close enough.

    “13. Woman … drive … your instructions” Ungrateful wench, after the trauma we suffered asking for them.

  • Very Clever, Nina. Gave me an early morning chuckle. One major difference between men and women:

    A woman’s to do list is generally written with plans to complete in a day or a weekend.

    A man’s to do list stretches out for over a year. I know this for a fact.

  • Tawny – Totally forgot the PMSing. That should be in there as well. Absolutely.

    Debbie, Dana and Stephanie – Thanks for visiting… come back any time.

    Vanessa – Ah, the elusive trash bag. The problem is they think they magically appear between bagging up the trash and taking it out. Umm… no sweetie, that would be me.

    Savanna – I’m okay sharing the bedroom… but my own bathroom? That would be heaven.

    Mima – So true about the map skills. They just need to listen and believe!

  • Mike – There are no words. *shakes head*

  • Pam – OMG! I am laughing my butt off! That is so true about the to-do lists!

  • 2 works both ways. I do the laundry, I pick up wife’s clothes from round the house, but I don’t act the martyr about it. 9 also applies here.

    11 Then ask if we find you beautiful. If you ask if you look fat, don’t get upset if we answer the question you ask

    12 No she isn’t.

    13 Backseat driving is annoying whoever does it. Women don’t have a monopoly on being offended.

    Welcome to TT!

  • Nicholas – Thanks for another male opinion. 😀 It seems to be the consensus that women should ask the true question… maybe we don’t because we’re afraid of the real answer. And you’re absolutely right about backseat drivers. Thanks for stopping by.

  • So sorry I couldn’t drop by yesterday. Boy, am I glad I decided to treat myself to some fun now that I’ve finished edits!
    Great comments, everyone.
    And Mike, we know where you hang out!

  • A woman is always right, pregnant or not!

  • Jeanne – Glad you’ve come out of edits to visit and you enjoyed the blog.

    Vi – You are absolutely right on that one.

  • Welcome, Nina and what a great post to kick things off! I loved it. =D

  • Thank you Gwen. Do come back and visit.

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